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About SH3

Toronto native SH3, is a singer, songwriter and producer specializing in popular music including R&B, hip hop, EDM, singer/songwriter, rock and many more. Upon receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts Music degree from York University, she began writing professionally in Toronto’s thriving hip hop music scene including artists affiliated with Drake’s OVO. She has worked with Preme (f.k.a. P Reign), Yo Gotti, Kim Davis, Nawlage, With Lions, Eddie Kramer among others. Since then she has developed a partnership with NdroiDBeats, working on client’s projects as well as her own.

Growing up with a musical ear, SH3 began her musical journey with childhood piano lessons which then blossomed into guitar lessons. Her instrumental foundation has allowed her to understand the mechanics of songwriting in its most classic form. This foundation has set the stage for SH3’s writing style, bringing the flavors of Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and other infamous songwriters into her popular songwriting.

Versatility is key, and her openness to all genres has allowed her to understand what makes a genre great while not only effectively writing within a genre, but incorporating elements of others into its own unique sound. Her influences are without boundaries, ranging from pop punk, to avante garde, to gospel and everything in between.

SH3 currently works with artists to help bring their musical visions to life whether it's through the recording process, writing process, or collaborating with her own voice. SH3 also serves as the Toronto Beat Ambassador for BeatStars.

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