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SH3 combines her years of vocal study and experience as a vocal coach to help garner the best vocal performances from her clients. In addition to your superb vocal takes, SH3 can help facilitate in the arrangement of your harmonies.

To hear a sample of her arranging click here.

Projects by SH3

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SH3 is devoted to the client experience. She understands and takes great care in her role as facilitator and partner in your songwriting process. Whether you have lyrics that need reshaping or simply just a song concept, SH3 can help bring your song vision to life. Her many years of songwriting has helped shape her formulaic yet heartfelt approach to all her writing ventures and is well equipped to handle all of your songwriting needs.


SH3 is a proficient vocalist and vocal arranger with an aptitude for harmony. SH3 can provide a studio recorded vocal reference for your song as well as an arrangement of background harmonies that can truly bring your song to a heightened level. Whether you are looking for a properly recorded demo of your song, or for SH3 to lay down background harmonies on your track, she is able to cater to your vision.


Looking for a custom hook on your song? Or a verse? Click here and let SH3 know what you are looking for and she will customize a feature with harmony stacks and adlibs.

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